Service Providers leverage our technology to make their services available. Consumers use the JustGotThat! App to search, select, buy and schedule services that are available. Consumers get immediate services at their fingertips to address unplanned events, emergencies, and the things that we all need to get done but never seem to prioritize.


The platform exists to make it easier for consumers and service providers to do business. JustGotThat! is a reliable service marketplace where consumers experience transparency and are given the ability to choose the right provider for the services they need. Simply search for the services you need using your mobile device. Your search will reveal service providers near you who are immediately available to perform the work. Your search is complete with descriptions, ratings, and commentary to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. Once you have selected a service provider and service, you can reserve the time you wish to receive the service and buy it all with your mobile device. Once the service has been performed, you will then have the ability to rate the service and let us know how excited you were with the services you received. It's that simple. JustGotThat! delivers a consumer experience we've never had before. JustTryIt!

Service provider makes services available

Consumer discovers and books a service they want

Services are delivered

Consumer rates and promotes their experience

Health and Beauty

!   Manicure/Pedicure
!   Hair Removal Services
!   Tanning Services
!   Blow Out Services
!   Spa Treatment

Home Maintenance

!   Eaves Cleaning
!   Window Cleaning
!   Duct Cleaning
!   Plumbing Services
!   Electrical Services


!   Furnace/Air Conditioning
!   Appliance
!   Roofing
!   Masonry
!   Equipment Rentals


!   Oil Change
!   Brake Inspection
!   Tire Rotation
!   Seasonal Tires
!   Tire Repair

Local Services

!   Maid Services
!   Snow Removal
!   Tree Services
!   Pest Removal
!   Locksmith Services

Events Services

!   Bartending
!   Party Supply Rentals
!   Photographers
!   Catering

Why do people choose JustGotThat! to source their services?

  • Do you have an ever growing to-do list that you can't keep up with?
  • Do you need a something immediately?
  • Do you feel like pampering yourself right now?
  • Do you have time to kill and not sure what is available around you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then JustGotThat! is for you. With JustGotThat!, you now have the ability to get the services you need, when you need them. Need home maintenance or repairs? Need a locksmith? Want a manicure? Have an hour to spare and need an oil change? You can use JustGotThat! to identify service providers who are immediately available to perform the services you need at a time and place convenient for you.


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